Why are we updating critical areas and shorelines regulations?

almost 2 years ago

The City is required by state law to periodically update its Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) and Shoreline Master Program (SMP). In addition to being a legal requirement, the periodic update provides an opportunity for the community to ensure its critical areas and shoreline codes are up to date with the latest science and in line with the City's current land use policies.

The process began with the City Council setting a scope of work, providing a framework for what will be covered over the course of this project. The City's Planning Commission has started on that scope of work, first reviewing the state laws pertaining to CAO and SMP updates, and next by reviewing the latest science on managing development in and around critical areas. Through review of scientific information, the City's comprehensive plan and public input, the Planning Commission will draft new code language for review and approval by the City Council.

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