Planning Commission Recommendation, New Code Amendment Application, and Next Steps...

(13 Feb 2020) On January 29, the Planning Commission finished the work the City Council requested in August of 2019 by preparing a “Problem Statement” and a recommended approach for the City Council’s review. The Planning Commission developed a three-part recommendation to the City Council:

  • Part A – Discontinue Community Facility zone process: Discontinue the work on the Community Facility zone. As a reminder, this planning process was “paused” in June of 2019.
  • Part B – Review/update CUP process and pursue code amendments: Direct the Planning Commission to prepare a code amendment related to the following, as soon as possible:
    • Revise the CUP approval criteria for clarity and to address community concerns.
    • Review the “cap” on Gross Floor Area (GFA) for institutional uses.
    • Review the height limit for institutional uses.
  • Part C – Resume Community Facility zone process at a future date: Consider re-initiating the code amendment associated with the Community Facility zone at a future date, to be determined by the City Council.

On February 11, 2020, the City received an application for a new code amendment related to the Community Facility subject (view here). This proposed code amendment is different than the approach recommended by the Planning Commission; it would amend the development standards for “regulated improvements.” Regulated improvements include private schools, places of worship, and community clubs. In summary, the proposed amendment would change the gross floor area limits, height, and lot coverage, for regulated improvements that are located in the residential zoning designations.

At the February 18, 2020, Council Meeting, the City Council will decide whether to repeal the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments related to the Community Facility zone. Staff is scheduled (tentatively) on March 10, 2020 to seek direction regarding the Planning Commission’s recommendation and the new code amendment application.

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