Free Drive-Through Testing at Bellevue College

23 days ago

Free drive-through testing is available at Bellevue College. Registration is required, symptoms are not.

QFC and Fred Meyer have partnered with Bellevue College to offer free drive-through testing for COVID-19 at Bellevue College. People who have recently attended a large gathering can qualify for testing even without exhibiting symptoms.

For the testing, patients remain in their cars throughout the process, which is completed in just a few minutes using self-administered test kits. The test uses self-administered nasal swabs, which are less painful and designed to increase safety. This onsite testing is supported with laboratory services provided by eTrueNorth, a contractor of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Test results are expected within approximately 48 hours. The Bellevue testing site is estimated to have capacity for 250 vehicles per day.

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