Playground Designs are Certified as Inclusive

Let Kids Play! has determined that both playground options currently being considered for Mercerdale Park are Certified Inclusive according to its May 3 report. The report states, "Both of the designs do an excellent job of providing various physical, social and sensory experiences." Both designs offer seven out of eight types of physical play. Both designs engage the five sensory systems the analysis considers.

The report states, "Option 1 puts its challenge into climbing. That design's structure goes up to 96" with challenging climbers at the end of that structure.... On the other hand, Option 2 puts it challenge into spinning. The Double Cone Spinner is a wonderful piece."

A core tenet of inclusion is that the "Coolest Thing" at the playground is accessible to all. The train, a custom creation for Mercerdale, is identified as "the Coolest Thing." It states, " Every child can have a meaningful play experience, whether wheeling in to drive the train or climbing up to the top. The train offers physical, sensory and social experiences."

The Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Commission will be discussing both options at its meeting on May 6.

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