Why is the playground closed? Will it reopen soon?

    The play equipment is worn out. It cannot be fixed without major replacement of whole pieces. Playground equipment generally lasts 15-20 years. This equipment is 19 years old. Also, the underground drainage needs major repairs. The pipes are clogged and need to be dug up. 

    We are working as quickly as possible to select new equipment and order it. Our goal is to reopen the playground this summer.

    Is the new playground going to be bigger?

    The new playground will be in the same footprint as the current playground. A few play elements that do not require fall protection may be sited outside of the concrete curbing. The new playground design will have slightly more space to work with because we plan to demolish the center wall and raise the level of the playground to the height of the curbing. That adds play area that is currently occupied by the wall, wheelchair ramps and steps.

    Will there be a train in the new playground?

    Yes, the new playground will have a train. We have heard from many people that the train theme is an important part of the playground.

    Why are you proposing a rubber play surface? Isn't that toxic to children?

    Playground users with mobility challenges (both adults and children) find it difficult to get around on a wood chip playground surface. The rubber surface provides full access to the play opportunities while being durable and easy to maintain. This surface is the same as the one installed at Luther Burbank Park playground in 2013. It is permeable to water so it does not add impermeable surface to the park.

    The rubber surfacing is generally recognized as safe. The material is virgin rubber mixed with a binder. The binder has solvents that off-gas while the surface is curing for 2-3 days after installation. Once it is cured the rubber surface is stable and inert. The top course is not made of crumb rubber from recycled tires as is common in some sports fields. The base course underneath contains recycled tire rubber but that does not come in contact with playground users. 

    Is the color scheme in the pictures what is going to be built?

    No, colors have not been chosen yet for this project. That is a choice that comes later in the design process. We will be asking about color preferences at the April 14 public meeting.

    My kids love this playground. How can I help?

    You can help by reviewing the current design and providing your thoughts on this page.