Second Community Survey launches this week!

We're pleased to announce the release of the second community survey for the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan update. The first survey wrapped up just prior to the pandemic in early 2020. Given the time that has passed and all that has transpired in our community the past two years, the decision was made to run a second survey to inform the PROS Plan update. The second survey drills down a bit more than the first one with the goal of validating data from the first survey, gathering input on capital project priorities, further refining recreation program community needs, and exploring revenue and funding alternatives.

Because we want to be both statistically valid and inclusive, we are conducting a mail and an online survey. 2,500 randomly mailed surveys will hit mailboxes this week. If you receive a paper survey in the mail, please fill it out! Your mailed copy also provides two ways to take the survey digitally: use your unique ID number on the survey to access it online or scan the QR code to take it on your smart device.

If you do not receive a paper version, you can still complete the survey online! The identical, community-wide survey will be available to all residents here on this page this Wednesday, August 25. Check back then!

Responses will be published on this Let’s Talk page in October and results will be compiled and included in the final draft plan presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission and the City Council.

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