Preparations Fully Underway for October 1 Transition

With September just around the corner, preparations are intensifying for the switch from current hauler (Republic Services) to Recology on October 1. Here’s what you can expect in the coming month...

For more information, visit, or call 206-381-6980

1. New Curbside Cart Delivery Will Begin Sept 2

  • Residential customers will receive an automated call from Recology the day before their normal pick-up with instructions to leave carts out till 5pm throughout the month of September. Customers will not receive all of their new carts in the same week; it may take most of the month to complete the swap out. [Note: Republic Services will actually be emptying the new carts until the October 1 switchover to Recology].

2. Welcome Packets Will Appear in Residential Mailboxes Starting Sept 3

  • This will explain in great detail how to use your new Recology service. Answer FAQ’s, etc. Recology’s call center will have a dedicated team of customer service specialists to answer Mercer Island calls

3. Map of Recology Collection Days

  • This is now available online here. About 30% of households will have a new collection day due to new routing efficiencies. starting October 1.

4. Modifying Your Number of Compost Carts

  • One of the biggest changes starting October 1 is that compost/yard waste will be collected every week (not every other week, like today). This means that many residents may be able to reduce the number of compost carts they need. [Note: extra volumes of yard waste, like seasonal leaves/grass, can always be set out in paper bags for a small fee]. A compost cart modification letter will be mailed to all residential accounts Sept 6
  • You can request online to modify your compost cart numbers today here (change will become effective October 1), or call 206-381-6980

5. Multifamily and Commercial Accounts Will Receive Welcome Packets Mid-September

  • If you live in an apartment or condo building or own a business, Recology will contact your property manager to arrange a smooth transition, provide educational materials, explain service etc.

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