Small Cell Permits to be Issued Soon

**UPDATE 8/16/2019** Three of the six applications that were still under review have now been completed. A total of 42 permits will be issued on Monday August 19.


In May 2019, applications for the installation of 46 small cell antennas where submitted to the City of Mercer Island on behalf of Verizon. The City has now completed its review of 40 of the 46 small cell antennas. Of the 46 applications submitted in May, one application has been withdrawn (for the installation near Ellis Pond). The City is anticipating the applicant will submit a new application for the relocated antenna in this neighborhood in the coming weeks. An additional six applications are still under review as the City is waiting on requested information from the applicant.

The remaining 39 applications have been determined to comply with the City’s recently adopted interim small cell rules (MICC 19.06.070 and 19.06.075), and will be approved. As a reminder, the City’s ability to regulate small cell antennas is limited by new rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in January, 2019. The FCC rules curtail the City’s authority to prevent the installation of small cell antennas. The City anticipates issuing the 39 permit approvals on Monday, August 19th. A 14-day appeal period follows the permit approval, which will conclude on September 3rd, after the Labor Day holiday. The City will provide notification of approval to the parties of record that submitted public comments as part of the review process.

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