Staff Review Letter Issued

The City issued the first review letter related to the proposed Verizon small cells on July 3, 2019. This review letter captures City review comments on 43 of 46 of the proposed small cell locations. The two remaining sites - Ellis Pond and Mercerwood Shore Club - remain open for public comment through July 17. Additional review letters will be generated for these sites in late July, following the close of the public comment period and completion of the City review.

The City anticipates meeting with Crown Castle to discuss the review comments prior to their resubmittal; the applicant may need a few weeks to address the City’s review comments. Once the City has received a complete response to all review comments, the City will likely issue the land use approval for the small cell antennas, consistent with the direction provided by the FCC’s new rule. Presuming the applicant responds to the correction letter for these 43 small cells by the end of July, the City would anticipate issuing the small cell antenna approvals in mid-August.

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