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Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan: Update to Council 7.3.19

about 1 year ago

Interim City Manager, Jessi Bon, has sent Mercer Island City Council an update on the Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan. This is an overview of where the plan stands and provides a status update of the planning process. The details in this document will be further discussed at the City Council Study Session on July 16th.

Click the link to view the document:

Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan Update to City Council 7.3.19

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Consultation has concluded

Shelly Bowman 10 months ago
Safety and sustainability are keep. This is a bike trail shared with pedestrians-so separate the people biking from those walking. Ensure people do not walk across the bike trail or walk 4 abreast or teach their kid to ride a bike on a heavily used trail. People biking and people walking are sustainable transportation methods. The path behind the restroom is already a trail of sorts and plant enthusiasts should understand that a trail is not at all like a road hardscape AND we can plant tons of PNW plants along the trail for birds and bees. Actually tall flowers would be a great way to.keep people from walking across the trail and would funnel them to cross points. A 14 ft wide trail with hard packed 2 ft buffers on either side is ASHTO new standards-think ahead, more people.No soft buffers, if I pull out on my bike, it is like hitting sand-dangerous, could fall over handlebars. Put up signs-single file walkers in congested zones, walk predictably, stay to the right walkers unless passing-we need safety and walkers need rules too.
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