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about 1 year ago
Flyer for lets talk


The goal of the Aubrey Davis Master Plan Open House is to engage with and receive feedback from as many residents and park users as possible. Unfortunately, the inclement weather would limit our ability to fully engage with the community. The Open House has been rescheduled to February 28 from 6-8pm at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center.

An online Open House will be taking place at from Thursday, February 7 to March 8. Join us from the comfort of your home to take an interactive survey, learn more about opportunities for this park and give us your feedback.

We look forward to seeing you on February 28th!

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Jim Rice 12 months ago
At approximately 2:45PM on Christmas Eve, I was cycling back from Seward Park going eastbound on the cycling trail going uphill through Aubrey Davis Park. I was going slow, approximately 5 MPH. I was cautiously looking ahead and always warn walkers, joggers, other cyclers, etc when I am approaching them. As I was coming up near the crest of the hill, adjacent to the tennis courts, an unleashed dog darted across the trail from the right side right in front of my bike. I turned sharply left to avoid hitting him and promptly fell. Apparently it all happened so fast, I was unable to do anything to break my fall. I landed on the right, back side of my helmet, right shoulder, right hip and the thumb side of my left hand. I was stunned and dazed after my fall and have no recollection of anything after my sharp left turn. The owner of the dog never came over to apologize or offer any assistance. Fortunately for me there was a Swedish ICU physician and her husband who witnessed my fall. She quickly assessed I had a hit the pavement headfirst and was showing signs of a head injury. I was cognizant enough to have them take my phone and call my wife, Kim, who as you may know is a retired radiologist. They took me home and Kim immediately took me to the Swedish ED. The left temporal (behind the ear) portion of my helmet had completely broken in several places at the apparent site of impact. Fortunately head and neck CT as well as chest and hip x-ray did not show any fracture or intracranial bleed. I was diagnosed with a concussion, a large right hip hematoma containing an estimated 1,000 mls of blood and a right shoulder capsule injury with a probable partial right rotator cuff injury. In light of the severity of my injuries and the shape of my helmet, the ED physician felt my helmet certainly protected me from a potentially catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage. The Swedish ICU physician who came to my rescue was quite upset this accident had occurred. She stated this dog had been erratically bolting in every direction before I had arrived and was clearly not under voice control. The owner was asked by other dog owners to leash his dog but did not have a leash. They observed the car he had used driving to the park and took a picture of car’s license plate and urged me to report the accident.I reported the accident to the Mercer Island Police. The officer informed me that the Aubrey Davis Park was an official “off leash” park so she did not think I could file a complaint. She agreed to check with the supervising officer and would call me back. She called me back several hours later stating her supervisor said no police complaint could be filed because the Aubrey Davis Park was an off-leash area unless there was a sponsored sporting event going on. They could not release the name of the owner of the car. When I expressed my disbelief that the bicycle trail would be a sanctioned off leash area without any warning signs for cyclers, joggers and walkers, I was told my only option was to submit a comment to the city regarding my concern.When I checked the Mercer Island Parks website, there was no mention of Aubrey Davis Park being an off leash dog park. The park map shows the park surrounding the over a mile of paved trail.Since my injury, I continue to have recurrent headaches and have been slowly been recovering from my physical injuries. As I have been recovering from my cycling injuries, I wonder what can I do to prevent this accident from happening again to me or countless other cyclers on Mercer Island. Is it really true that the I-90 trail and the entire “Lid” is an off-leash area and that dog owners bear no responsibility regarding the safety of cyclers? If so, there anything the city can do to change this? I do not want to see a similar accident happen to another fellow cyclist or jogger.Please let me know what can be done to help prevent future such accidents.
Author Commented Lauren Chomiak 12 months ago
Hi Elizabeth,Thank you for your interest in the Aubrey Davis Park Master Plan! We will be having another Open House in April, and we will be confirming the date and time shortly. We hope you can attend that one, and in the mean time, please continue to post, engage and educate yourself here on Let's Talk.
lehardisty 12 months ago
I would like to participate but will be out of town on Feb. 7th. Will there be another such opportunity, and if so, when, please? w/thanks, Elizabeth Hardisty