Sound Transit Online Open House: June 8-19, 2020

On June 1, Sound Transit began mailing a postcard (see image) to all Mercer Island addresses, announcing an online open house, slated for June 8-19.

The open house covers the design of the Bus/Rail Interchange which will facilitate bus riders transferring to and from light rail when it opens in 2023.

The City encourages all interested residents to weigh in on the design of a proposed roundabout, as well as plans for the un-built 80th Avenue station entry plaza, and sidewalk and curb cut adjustments along North Mercer Way. Please also share any other concerns you may have with proposed operations.

The City's engineering and building staff recently reviewed the 60% design and provided comments on the technical aspects of construction, such as materials to be used, necessary excavation, landscaping, and other details of the roundabout.

Visit the Sound Transit Open House, and don't forget to comment between June 8-19.

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