Enjoying the Great Outdoors

23 days ago

The rumors are true, meteorologists are predicting temperatures cresting 80 degrees this weekend!

Mercer Island parks and trails are open for non-organized recreation, and so is the Luther Burbank dog park, and the P-Patch. Many Islanders are likely planning on also getting out on the water now that boating and fishing are allowed.

Continue to practice physical distancing in parks, on trails, and while boating.

Remember to keep your distance from others and avoid gatherings. All visitors are asked to “Keep it Moving” while using the parks/trails for walking, running, riding, and rolling. Users may also want to consider visiting early in the morning when parks are much less crowded.

With our limited staffing, City parks won’t look as maintained as you may be used to. You can help by following “pack it in, pack it out” practices.

Boating and fishing are now allowed.

The MI Boat Launch is open! As you make your plans to get out on the water, please remember your water safety. Lake Washington is still COLD, and all swimmers and boaters should always wear a life jacket. (See below for more information.)

Many State and County parks and trails are now open.

Many State and King County parks and trails reopened this week. Here are a just few tips to help you and your family stay healthy while enjoying the outdoors:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Keep your distance.
    • Recreate with those in your household. Give others plenty of room, communicate who will step aside on the trail, and don’t forget that trail etiquette gives hikers coming uphill the right of way.
  3. Stay local.
    • Don’t stray too far from home when recreating and keep rural communities safe by minimizing stops and bringing all that you’ll need for your outing.
  4. Play it safe.
    • Keep your activities within your comfort and skill level to reduce the risk of injury and adding to the strain on our health care and emergency services.
  5. Leave no trace.
    • Take any garbage with you, including disposable face masks and gloves.

Some of the ways we recreate have changed in the era of COVID-19, but don't worry - there are plenty of resources to help you navigate you favorite pastimes. Check out the links below to know what to do.

Note: most large City Parks parking lots are still closed to discourage crowding.

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