8/21/2019 Cougar Update

This news item has been archived.

After reports of a potential sighting this morning south of Pioneer Park, residents have been asking for the latest update on locating the cougar. Today’s report (near SE 74th Place) involved a possible sighting of something that looked like part of a cougar’s tail protruding from landscaping.

The report was fully investigated on-site by the Mercer Island Police Department as soon as the call came in, with no results. This afternoon, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) experts visited the area of the reported sighting searching very carefully for any additional signs or clues. While deer footprints were clearly evident, no prints of large cats were located, nor were there any other tell-tale signs of mountain lion presence. See Photos.

At this time, this means that reported sightings are still limited to the list publicized a few days ago. Only two of these sightings have been confirmed, both times via security cameras.

  • 6400 block of E Mercer Way (8/5)
  • 7000 block of 94th Ave SE (8/6)
  • 6100 block of 86th Ave SE (8/9)
  • 5400 block of Island Crest Way (8/9)
  • 7600 block of W Mercer Way (8/12)

To report a cougar sighting, please call 911. The Mercer Island Police Department will respond and is coordinating directly with WDFW. For more information, please visit: https://wdfw.wa.gov/species-habitats/species/puma-concolor

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