8/28 Cougar Update

5 months ago

No new cougar reports.

The Mercer Island Police Department (MIPD) reached out to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) about WDFW’s response to the reported cougar sightings in Olympia. According to WDFW experts, the two cases are completely different and responses to each will not be the same. The primary difference is that Mercer Island has confirmed sightings (via camera) while the purpose of WDFW’s response in Olympia is to determine if there is indeed a cougar present. MIPD and the City are working closely with and supporting WDFW's response.

To learn more about these efforts, tune into the City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 3 when WDFW experts will give a presentation on the response to the cougar in Mercer Island. The presentation is scheduled to begin around 6:45pm. While the Special Study Session does not allow time for public questions, MIPD and the City will continue to share community questions and concerns with WDFW Officers. The City is working with WDFW to make sure those answers are incorporated into their presentation.