May 7 Council Meeting

4 months ago
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5/7/19 Agenda (6:00 pm Study Session; 7:00 pm Regular Business)

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J Antilla 4 months ago
Please allow no more buses than was originally agreed to in negotiations with Sound Transit over loss of SOV rights - from what I see, there is nothing within the various bus turnaround proposals that really benefit Island residents. Transferring thousands of commuters from the Eastside to Mercer Island so they can hop on the light rail doesn't improve the transit experience for Islanders at all - which should be in your purview to protect - Islander experiences. This is why you exist as an elected body, isn't it - to be of benefit to the community?It is unfair to make Mercer Island a transit hub for the region when we already deal with much of its traffic cutting through its heart. Don't make Mercer Island unlivable by increasing bus traffic, noise, pollution, and overall poor local traffic conditions for those just trying to live life quietly here on MI. Anything that resembles a bus depot will be a failure in negotiation and will not be acceptable to residents. You owe it to your constituent base to tell ST and Metro "No", that you will not accept any increase in what was negotiated in our "settlement".Thank you for your time and service.