Amendment 15: Commuter Parking in Town Center

WHAT: The City is proposing a Comprehensive Plan amendment, rezone, and zoning code amendment to change both the Comprehensive Plan designation and zoning of City-owned land known as “Parcel 12” and a portion of the adjoining Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) property from Public Institution (P) to Town Center(TC). The City is continuing to refine the boundaries of the proposed Comprehensive Plan and zoning amendments; the Property Map, below, identifies the approximate location of the anticipated changes. In particular, the areas identified as “A1” and “A2” represent the approximate boundaries of the proposed map amendments. Please note, there is no text proposed as part of these amendments; all changes are to existing maps or figures contained within the Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan and/or City Code.

WHY: This Comprehensive Plan amendment and rezone would support future development of the site through a public / private partnership, resulting in a mixed use building that would include approximately 100 commuter parking spaces.