Comprehensive Plan Update 2018

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The City Council approved the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments on November 20, 2018. You can review the approved amendments in Ordinance 18-13 and Ordinance 18C-14.

The City Council approved the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments on November 20, 2018. You can review the approved amendments in Ordinance 18-13 and Ordinance 18C-14.

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Commenting Closed: The 2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments were approved by City Council on November 20, 2018

Just one quick note/comment about Amendment 8. One of the applicants purchased land that was not connected to the property they were currently using. The idea of demolishing so many single family homes must give a lot of people heartburn. A common response to this by the city has been, "Our hands are tied" or "This is why we are passing this Amendment, to put better restrictions in place."

Important note: As I understand it. Community facilities, developers, future schools, future condition use permit seekers can STILL purchase and demolish SFH so long as they maintain the current zone of that home. The point is -- this Amendment does do enough to fix the problem of SFHs on Mercer Island being demolished for a softball field with a security fence around it.

I ask the council, in their deliberations, to directly address this portion of the issue. When Islanders are told about this part of the issue specifically, it is the one that brings up the greatest concern.

Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Ryan about 4 years ago

First, thank you for helping Islanders to engage on these issues. I very much appreciate this site and I have used to the benefit of myself and my neighbors. Thank you.

Second, I would like to kick off the discussion about Am. 8. The wording of Goal 29 begins with something that seems like a benefit to neighborhoods, but then ends with something that could be quite disastrous.

A master plan for all major developments I think is in keeping with the city's expressed goal and pledge to make sure development does not hinder surrounding uses.

However, flexible design, I'm coming to understand, is a really scary concept for neighbors. I understand Town Center uses flexible design to meet some of its goals. I'm sure the city council is much more aware or versed in how well these flexible design standards are doing. For neighbors, we wonder if a "flexible design standard" might allow each and every site on the Island that seeks this new designation to "create their own rules". It is particularly scary since this first attempt at PCF comes with an attachment to a particular site. I wonder if the council considers flexible design standards to be a positive feature of the amendment or a negative one?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration this matter. If anyone on the council would like to meet with neighbors to learn more about our concerns and desires, please email me!

Ryan about 4 years ago

This is a really impressive site. Thank you for doing this. I am so happy to live in a community where the city staff are so dedicated to engaging with residents and providing us opportunities to provide feedback.

CraigWReynolds about 4 years ago