Comprehensive Plan Update 2018

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The City Council approved the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments on November 20, 2018. You can review the approved amendments in Ordinance 18-13 and Ordinance 18C-14.

The City Council approved the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments on November 20, 2018. You can review the approved amendments in Ordinance 18-13 and Ordinance 18C-14.

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  • Hello, Is there a transcription yet of the notes taken at the community meeting on 10-11? Also, I know that some changes to the Amendment have been made by the Council. Could the staff provide the most up-to-date version of Amendment 8? Thank you!

    Ryan asked over 1 year ago

    We have posted photos of the butcher paper notes taken during the 10/11 community meeting.  Council made some modest wording changes to the amendment at their meeting earlier this week.  An updated version of the code amendments will be available as a part of the meeting packet for the Nov. 20 Council meeting - it will be posted here the week prior to the meeting.  

  • Hello, Quick question -- Is it the understanding of the city that the land swap WILL happen or the land swap MIGHT happen? Thank you!

    Ryan asked over 1 year ago

    An application has not been submitted for the development of the JCC, French American School or Herzel Ner-Tamid properties, so the City does not have a way to directly answer this question.  A couple of thoughts that may help:

    It is clear, in reading the public comment and listening to testimony, that the community is concerned about impacts to the Mercerwood neighborhood – in particular related to the visibility of the facility, access, traffic, parking, noise, etc. 

    If the Council decides to proceed with the discussion around the rezone / new code, we will be developing regulations with the Planning Commission for several months.  We anticipate that these regulations would speak to things like the appropriate site access location (e.g. access from an arterial street), screening, requirements for queueing vehicles, etc.  Once these regulations are adopted, the applicants could submit an application for development.

    After submittal of an application, the City will have a better understanding of what the applicants intend to do with their properties.  Typically a new development is designed to comply with the City’s requirements (code / zoning / etc); consequently, most design changes to a project (once an application is submitted) are relatively minor. 

  • Hello, I will kick off the first question here: Is the city keeping a formal list of the issues that are being brought up by neighbors? If so, it would be helpful to see this formal list. I don't want my neighbors to spin their wheels about "issues" when the city feels like those issues have already been well communicated. It also saves time for the city to not have to hear repeats from Islanders over issues that have already been documented. If there is not a formal list currently being constructed...could you give us a timeline when that list become formal? When will there be an official documentation of neighbors concerns. I ask this question only to make an meeting with neighbors more productive. Thank you!

    Ryan asked over 1 year ago

    The City has not yet developed a formal list of issues or concerns, though we do have a sizeable record of public comments that have been submitted to-date.  These comments have identified items for the City to address as part of the draft policy.  The City is planning to use the upcoming Community Conversation meeting to create a community-generated list of both concerns and desired outcomes related to the proposed rezone (and eventual redevelopment of the sites).  The City will post a meeting summary including these lists after the meeting.